Architectural Control Committee 


Completing the Architectural Review Request Form is MANDATORY!


The Livingston Architectural Control Committee (ACC) represents all homeowners to insure that the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) and agreed standards are preserved. These standards have the purpose of enhancing the value and attractiveness of our homes and investments.

Are You Planning to Make Any Changes to Your Yard or House Exterior?

You will need to complete the review form so these changes can be reviewed by the ACC. The ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW REQUEST FORM is simple to complete and allows documentation of proposed and approved changes.

Information About Roofs


Exterior changes to your home or yard are subject to the review process described in the CCRs you received at real estate closing. If you need an ACC Review Form, you can download it now. If you need help completing this form or have any questions, please contact us at

Download Architectural Review Form


Almost All Outside Changes Need to be Approved.

Please see Article XVIII Architectural Control Covenants, page 20 sections 8 through 15 for a complete list of changes that require Board approval.


Did You Already Make Changes without ACC Approval?

You still need to complete the form. Again, this process is not voluntary. The CCRs require the ACC to review such changes for approval based upon the compliance with CCR standards. 

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